Why All Florentines Will Go To Heaven

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This blog has been full of posts about the kindness of strangers that I have met with in Florence, but I think that last night must take the cake.

It started with the opera that didn’t happen.  The taxi dropped me at Senshall Theater in a part of Florence that is new and chic, where I have never been.  The theater looked like a Nuclear Power plant, which should have been my first clue that something was “off.”  My second clue was that the stage was filled with all the instruments of a rock band and a very advanced technical system was on display immediately inside the doors to the theater.  Clue #3: Everyone was dressed for a rock concert.  This wasn’t going to be The Magic Flute as I knew it, that was for certain.  Then I remembered that nothing about Mozart had been mentioned anywhere.  It was very late for me.  I nearly dozed off, despite the chatter.  When the concert or whatever it was, still hadn’t commenced thirty minutes late, I obeyed the little voice in my head which had been telling me to go home to bed.  I was feeling steadily unwell, and the idea of a rock concert was not at all appealing to me at that moment.

So I went out to the lobby to ask for a taxi to be called.  Well, you never saw such a furor.  Italians:  “Why do you want to leave the concert?”  Me:  “I’m not feeling well.”  Italians:  “Ah!  You need a doctor!  We will call a doctor.” Me:  “No, no, please no.  I will get better.  I just need to sleep.”  Reluctant promise to call a taxi.  A few moments later, beaming Italian approaches me. “You go outside to wait! I get for you Milano25!”  “Milano 25?” I repeat.  “Si Si!  Go. Go.”

Milano 25 turns out to be the most famous taxi in the world.  Before you find out more, let me just say that that little Italian man at the concert hall gave me the best gift he could under the circumstances, all because he was so terribly concerned about the Signora who was too unwell to go to the concert.  It is a gesture I will never forget.  In the night, I received the title to my Crazy Ladies Book: The Only Way to Paradise. In the last chapter, MacKenzie will say, “There is only one way to Paradise and that is love.  I found love in Italy.”

Now, before you do another thing, go to http://bit.ly/g217UN to read about my latest Florentine guardian angel.

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What an absolutely delightful story of your cab driver. I can imagine that this experience alone would make the trip to the “Opera” well worth the ride home to Betta’s. What a fantastic story!!!!! I know you are going to fit this in the book somewhere. Can hardly wait to read all about it later.

February 6th, 2011 at 7:49 am

I love it! What a fabulous story she has and what a fabulous gift you were given. This has truly been the trip that keeps on giving for you! How wonderful is that! I’m glad you went home and slept, though I’m sorry that you didn’t get to the opera. I hope you get another chance to get there before you get home!

February 9th, 2011 at 10:20 am

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