The Joy of Being Buffy Haglund’s Sister

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My sister is visiting, and as usual we are having so much fun together that all the ills of mortality have fallen down into a deep well far out of sight. She is invariably cheery and makes the best of every situation.  This is a quality that I deeply admire.

The amount of time we spend giggling and comparing our separate versions of the past (she is six years my junior) is great for the soul.  There is something about laughing out loud with Buffy that is healing and exhilarating at the same time.  We both love to eat, so we spent two hours in the grocery store yesterday.  However, when we went to prepare dinner, we found we’d not planned with our heads.  We had: Baked Chicken, Goat Cheese, and Grape Tomatoes.  My husband was very nice about it, probably glad that we were allowing him to eat with us at all.

Today I gave her a makeover.  She is already gorgeous, so after the makeover she was a knockout.  I told her that she’d better not steal my husband!  Neither of us is rolling in the dough at the moment, but we had fun using her Christmas gift cards and shopping the sales.

We love all the same TV shows and movies and could watch them for hours, trying to figure out what’s going on in the cop shows and whether we or the producers have missed the crucial part of the equation that makes the episode understandable.

To come:

A do it yourself spa  day with massages, facials, and pedicures.

Making lunch for friends

Visiting Talbot’s in Murray

Reading and discussing my novel  (Buffy is very straightforward about this)

Cleaning and organizing my office

Don’t you wish you had Buffy for a sister?

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I have three Buffy’s for sisters, though I would love to be a fly on your wall. It sounds like the perfect sisterly outing! I’m so glad you are having such a lovely time!

March 2nd, 2011 at 8:41 am

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