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Enter the Magical Mystery Tour!

My new mystery, Foggy with A Chance of Murder, is scheduled for release at the end of April.  It’s been a while since I’ve publish a mystery (although another Alex and Briggie is also in the works), so to get in the mood, I’m taking my readers on a tour through past mysteries by way of a trivia contest for each book.

Answer these questions about Tangled Roots!

1.  What are the names and species of Gladys Harrison’s


2.  When do Alex and Briggie first suspect that there is

something more going on than just compiling Holly’s gen-

ogram ?

3.  What does Francie’s T-Shirt  say?

4.  What is Uncle Joey’s profession?

5.  What does Briggie say when she confronts the villain

with her deer rifle at the end of the book?

If you can answer these questions, go to http://ggvandagriff.com/contact and enter the answers.  This will put you “in the hat” to win a little bit of Tuscany!  Winner will be announced here at the end of the month!

Good luck!

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