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New Alex and Briggie Contest!

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Here is the third Alex and Briggie Trivia Question: 

What did it say on Francie’s t-shirt the first time she met Alex and Briggie? (Tangled Roots)

In order to win a free copy of Hidden Branch, the newest Alex and Briggie book that comes out next month, answer this question by going to my website: and proceeding to my contest page. 

Lacey Brough was the winner of last week’s trivia question!

Good luck!  If you don’t win this week, you have three more chances.  All books will be mailed to winners as soon as I receive them at the end of August.


Another Winner!

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Our second winner in the Alex and Briggie trivia contest is Lacey Brough!  My husband drew her name out of the hat, so if you didn’t win, blame him!  The correct answer was that Alex threw Listerine into the murderer’s eyes.

Watch this space on Monday when I will post the new question for next week’s drawing.  You have four more chances to win!  This question will be from Tangled Roots.


We have a winner!

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Shiloh won a copy of The Hidden Branch with her correct answer in last week’s contest!  The correct answer was that the scar on Alex’s grandfather’s head was on the opposite side from the scar on Harold Simpson’s head!  Good work, Shiloh!!!!

Now, for this week’s quiz:  In Of Deadly Descent, What did Alex first use to disarm the murderer when being attacked in Of Deadly Descent?

Send in your answer to me at and click on the contest page.  If there are several correct answers, I will have a drawing.  The prize, to repeat, is the latest Alex and Briggie novel, The Hidden Branch, as soon as it comes out at the end of August.

Good luck to all my Alex and Briggie fans!


Festival Time!

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One thing that is really fun about Utah is that every town has it’s summer festival.  Friday, July 17th I will be signing for "Steel Days" in American Fork, at the library from 2-3 in the afternoon.

Monday I will be in Spanish Fork, signing for Fiesta Days at the Confetti Antique store from 2-4!


I hope to meet some new fans!


New Contest to Win The Hidden Branch

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The Hidden Branch is my final Alex and Briggie adventure.  Each week for the next six weeks until its publication, I will be posting a trivia question here  and on my website

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer this week’s question.

From my first Alex and Briggie novel, Cankered Roots:

What was the definitive clue that convinced Alex that her grandfather was NOT Harold Simpson?

Respond by going to “Contact Me” page on my website.  (I want all my responses in one place)
If there is more than one correct answer submitted, I will do a drawing.

Each winner will receive a copy of my new novel, The Hidden Branch, as soon as it is published.  The winner will be announced next Monday when I post the next question!

Also, check out my G.G. Vandagriff-Author fan page on Facebook and become a fan to receive all my latest news!

Good luck!


Prepare Ye, Prepare Ye

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Monday, July 13th, is the big day!  Get out those Alex and Briggie books and prepare to answer the most arcane trivia questions in order to enter the drawing for Hidden Branch, which will be released on the 28th of August.  A free copy will be awarded each week until publication!  Go to my website to read about the newest adventure of the craziest genealogists you’ll ever run across.

The first question will appear here and on my website and Facebook-Author page Monday morning!


H.B. Moore

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Heather Brown Moore is a dear friend and an extraordinary writer.  I have not yet read her Out of Jerusalem series, but I want to very much.  Her book, Abinadi, published in 2008 won the Whitney Award and The Best of State for Fiction in 2009.  It is extremely well-written.  This writer has the capability of putting you right back in time to the days of King Noah’s court.  She writes with rich sensory detail and, most importantly, her characters have depth.

Raised in a home where the Book of Mormon was a central feature, she has used all the FARMS research and available archeological detail to make her books as real as possible.  Having visited the Middle East many times, she is comfortable with describing the life of Lehi’s family’s journey as real as possible. 

This week, Out of Jerusalem:Land of Inheritance, is being given away on a contest on Anne Bradshaw’s Blog: Not Entirely British  Anne is the author of Famous Family Nights.  She is also a wonderful person, who spends much time reviewing and supporting her fellow Authors.  Many of us are featured in her book, which will be released very soon by Cedar Fort.

Heather and Anne are fellow LDStorymakers, and my life certainly wouldn’t be as rich without them.  Check out their books!


The Fourth of July

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By G.G. Vandagriff


On this fourth of July, our country is once again in its history at a precarious crossroads.  One of the many themes in my recently published novel, The Last Waltz, is how democracy was lost in Austria.  The Austrians tried to make a democracy out of imperial remnants, while we Americans have made it out of whole cloth.

In Austria, they were used to having a “divinely appointed” emperor who controlled absolutely.  In America, our founders took care to specify God as our king, and made the people free to elect their own rulers, who would only rule under a complicated system of checks and balances.

As America has secularized, most people don’t go to God anymore to work out their problems.  They expect the government to do it, to make things right.  And so they have elected representatives that believe in big government.  When one party rules the senate, the house, the presidency, and the judiciary, we have what is almost a dictatorship, whether it be from the right or from the left.  Everything depends on the righteousness and wisdom of those in power.  But when these people have divorced themselves from the principles of the founding fathers, then they take the constitution hostage.  This is the same road the European nations have traveled.  They are all secular socialist countries.

We started out with so much wisdom on that Fourth of July long ago.  Let us return to the principles that made our nation great.  Let your voices be heard in favor of true democratic principles.


Review of Tristi Pinkston’s Agent in Old Lace

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By G.G. Vandagriff

I read this book all in one sitting yesterday, and haven’t stop chuckling over it. Although it is packed with scary suspense from the first page on, it also overflows with humor. Tristi is mistress of the one liner. Speaking of the villain, the FBI agent says, "He’s taken a psychological disorder and turned it into a hobby." I roared at that one. These little gems sparkle throughout the story, so be certain you are someplace where you can laugh out loud.

The book’s heroine, Shannon Tanner, is a refreshingly honest character from page one. She has no agenda, she reacts from the heart. Tristi wishes she had had more time for development of her minor characters, however with Shannon she did a wonderful job making her unique, and not just another feminist trying not to be a damsel in distress.

The plot has a constant undercurrent of menace, even when it appears the case has been resolved. Shannon is being used as bait by the FBI to lure her ex-boyfriend who has embezzled millions of dollars with impunity over a period of years. Her protection is her "Aunt Anita," an FBI agent in drag. As you can predict, this situation is ripe for comedy and suspense.

I recommend Agent In Old Lace highly as a great read.