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Hey, Guys Get Over There!

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I just realized that my new blog has only 3 subscribers, compared to the 60 that this blog had!

I’m actually going to have a schedule on Embracing Abundance!  Hopefully with my “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date” anxiety about my writing will allow me to slow down and communicate better with my fans!

The schedule will be as follows:


Guest Blog on Different Topics.  The topic for the next little while is “How I Try to Embrace Abundance in a World of Stress and Worry.”


G.G.’s Profound Thoughts That Promise to Change You Life Forever


Let’s have a writing party!  I will give a writing trigger first thing in the morning.  All day I expect to receive your 20 minute random writing exercise inspired by the trigger.  The next week, my favorite will be posted for you to read before you get to work on the new trigger.  The person who was posted by me gets to choose their favorite exercise for the next week (I will e-mail them all at the end of the day)  When that person chooses his/her favorite, then they e-mail it back to me and I post it. Will need feedback on whether you want to be anonymous or not.

And a party wouldn’t be a party without refreshments.  So the winner has to provide a good dessert recipe!

Writing exercises are the single best way to find your own writing voice.  Even if you’ve already found it, it’s great to keep those words coming!

Thursday: Interview with a Fellow Author

Friday: Guest Blog Reviewing someone else’s book or posting a review on your own book.

Saturday: Sweet Saturday Samples (Look up on Internet)

Sunday: Sample of my WIP with comments expected.

Doesn’t that sound fun!  Well just paste this URL into your browser and we’ll get started on Monday!